Welcome To Veltech


We started our Journey in 1998 and became a leading manufacturer of stabilizers and other electronic appliances. Veltech’s products are recommended by many leading OEMs. We are known for our superb quality of workmanship and dedicated approach towards our assignments. We have 18 years of experience in developing unmatched customer power solutions to meet the need for various industrial as well as household applications. We do not stop at creating best power solutions for various requirements by producing best quality products, but we also help our customers in optimizing their power consumption via innovative products.

Our Products


Our wide range of products include Automatic/Auto cut Voltage Stabilizers, CVT, E- Rickshaw Charger, Ceiling Fans, LED Television, Isolation Transformers, Industrial Servo and many more. Our products helps in energy saving, improve power factor, power fluctuation reduction in electrical breakdowns, better life expectancy of equipment. Our products are famous for their superb quality and strict adherence to established industrial standards. Many reputed multinational companies and OEMs prefer Veltech Products.


To use our passion towards innovation & finding best possible solutions which helps us in delivering reliable customer service and best value for money to customers.


To be a leading manufacturer & supplier of best quality, reliable & technologically advanced stabilizers, heaters & fans in India.


We act with integrity and honesty and focus on customer and shareholder success and compete to win.

Your Safety Our Priority

We take pride knowing that you are in safe hands. Our best in class stabilizers will ensure that your appliances stay protected and that nothing comes in between you and your happy moments.

Enriching Consumer Lives

Technology has weaved the world around us in today’s scenario. Creativity and innovation are the driving factors for the world. Many of the gadgets and appliances that were considered technological marvels in 21st century have lost their usage in 22ns century. Products that are helping us in consumer’s day to day lives are made by first understanding the needs of the consumers. This understanding helps us in creating more fulfilling products for our consumers.
Less than 2 decades Veltech has established itself as a brand which produces quality and built to last products. But this is just a beginning, we are just getting started! There is so much more to achieve, we have a chance to provide our consumers new innovative and wide range of products which in turn help them in living a worry free fulfilling life.
At Veltech innovation and quality consciousness is what drives our whole team. We are continuously trying to understand the relationship between the appliances and human life. We try to answer the question what can we do to make their life more easier and manageable. This constant searching helps us in engineering products that helps us in enriching consumer lives.